About Me

Why I Create

Dear reader,

I’ve always been fascinated with the creation of life.   My mother was a nurse at a women’s hospital and sometimes she’d take my siblings and me to her job when I was a little girl. A few of the women awaiting their turn to become mother-teachers would let my chubby hands brush lightly across their pregnant bellies.  What wonderful magic, I thought, carrying a teeny tiny person inside you for a time and nurturing her while she develops.  It was exquisite work.

That deep reverence for the creation of life never left me.  Today it’s grown into my love of nurturing a creative spirit.  It inspires me to design the life I deserve.   We all carry this magic within us. Magic to craft new possibilities. Magic to heal.  Sometimes we just need a little reminder. Little love notes in the form of yoga, writing, and cooking can nudge us toward deeply intuitive and healing energies. So I created this space for you. To help you remember your magic. Welcome.  Let’s create ;-)


Tracey Coretta


Tracey Coretta Ferdinand holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Ursinus College and a master’s degree in Africana Women’s Studies from Clark Atlanta University.  She is also a certified 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher.  Her writing inspires lifestyle transformations guided by self-love and self-care.  Her mission is to encourage encourage women and girls of color to live vibrant and healthy lives by exploring creative wellness practices.