This Wednesday at 6:30 pm I’ll be teaching my very first yoga class at The Ahimsa House in West Philadelphia.  It’s not a coincidence that my first class will be held here.  The space aligns with my creative wellness vision perfectly.  Founded by Meg Ferrigno in 2011, “The Ahimsa house is a safe space for people to come from all walks of life to feel held, embraced, nourished, accepted, heard, and LOVED.  The center is a venue that promotes and offers practices of peace, sustainability, and healing to all people…Our pillars are ahimsa (non-violence), dana (generosity), metta (unconditional love), and mindfulness.”


Ahimsa (pronounced “Ah-Him-Sah”) is the sanskrit word for nonviolence. In a world in which violence is normalized, the concept of nonviolence may seem unrealistic.  Naïve at best.  If you believe in the transformative power of love, however, it just works. What I appreciate most about The Ahimsa House is that it offers you a concrete example of what a loving, safe space feels like.  It’s a space that opens you up to the reality that there are alternatives to being cold hearted, selfish, or vicious. Kindness is embraced.  Of course we are human and have been socialized in a culture that thrives on violence and hate.  So it would be silly to think that no one is allowed moments of selfishness or flashes of anger.  Yet the space is proof that there are beautiful people, “angels”, walking the earth and manifesting high power vibrations demonstrated by the work they do.  I hope you join me this Wednesday night at 6:30pm at 5007 Cedar Avenue Philadelphia PA 19143.  Look for the balloons!