Self Love Workshop: Tracey Coretta TV Launch

Sometimes we do terrifying things in order to grow.  Launching my YouTube channel Tracey Coretta TV by doing a Live broadcast was a really scary thing. However, our purpose is far greater than our fears so I ignored my fears and launched. Is it perfect? Of course not.  But it's a start. 

I wanted to make sure that my first video made the intentional link between self love and wellness. Often times we fail to make that connection because love is usually seen as a feeling and not an action.  Yet, love is as love does.  One of the main "actions" associated with love is care.  Specifically care dedicated to nurturing our own well being.  Dear reader I hope you find the connection between self love and self care. I hope the ideas presented in my video serve as a spring board for you to find new ways to love up on yourself consistently.