The 5th Annual Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference


While promoting the National Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference at a Spelman event three years ago, I was surprised by the number of women who responded cynically to the idea of cultivating balance and wellness in their lives. After glancing at my flyer, one woman shrugged off the concept arguing that separating work life from personal life into neatly organized categories was laughable. I agreed. Experience had taught me well.

The week prior to the event, I had just completed coursework for a master’s degree in Africana Women’s Studies at Clark Atlanta University. While enrolled, I worked as a hall director. It was physically impossible to neatly separate my work life from my personal life. I lived on campus among undergraduates and the resident assistants I supervised. Four a.m. knocks on my door from residents concerned about sick roommates was the norm. The experience quickly forced me to expand my definition of balance.

My definition grows out of my childhood memories of Tobago life. Watching my grandmother work the earth to produce the food we ate, I learned the importance of honoring seasons. Years later the lesson is still relevant. We work until our hands are raw for a season and then we rest. We give the land a chance to regain the nutrients gifted to the harvest. Life balance is cyclical. It is not accomplished by equally managing the multiple roles we perform at every single moment. Sometimes your roles get a little (or a lot) lopsided and that’s okay. Life balance may not be wedded to perfection but it is intimately linked to harmony. In this respect it is possible.

Re-conceptualizing how life balance manifests itself and creating concrete strategies for achieving it is one of the main goals for the Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference. We hope to share the message that cultivating balance isn’t an attempt at creating the perfect life. It does, however, require a commitment to celebrating your life as sacred. It means making the choice to purposefully seek out the tools needed to practice self-care.

This year marks the 5th Annual Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference and our theme is Wellness Renewal: Celebrating a New Era for Black Women's Well-Being.  I’m proud to announce that I’ll be leading a yoga and creative writing workshop on Saturday at 3:10pm.  You can register HERE or visit for more information.  See you there loves!

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