Fall Beauty Favorites

Mineral Fusion nail polish in Rose Quartz. I stopped wearing gel nail polish at the end of last year. So usually I don’t wear nail polish.  But tis the season for transitions so I’ve began to revamp my beauty care routine.  I’m absolutely in love with this nail care line.  They produce nail polish that’s free from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor.  Essential I don’t have to open up all my windows and doors when applying since it barely has a smell. It lasts about a week with a good top coat.

Organic Jojoba Oil. This is an oldie but goodie.  I stopped using jojoba oil as a face moisturizer when I ran out last spring.  Once I put it on my face I was like “gurl, why did you wait so long to get a new bottle! Ughhh so good.”  Jojoba oil is one of nature’s substances that is the closest to human sebum. So it helps regulate your skin’s oil production and makes sure that your skin stays moisturized.  Since I have dry skin that gets worse around the fall I wanted something gentle yet effective.

Gabriel lipstick in Dune. Okay so here’s the thing.  I’m more a minimalist when it comes to everyday beauty products. Less is better.  Natural is best.  So I wanted a nude lipstick that wouldn’t leave my lips dry and cracked.  Gabriel’s a gluten free line.  What I love most about this particular lipstick is that it’s made with a lot of plant based oils.  Jojoba oil is listed first on the list of ingredients. So that was a no brainer.

Do you have any natural beauty and skin care products that you’re in love with? Leave me a comment below so I can try them out too!