IQ Natural Review

Since the beginning of 2016 I've been slowly eliminating makeup with unhealthy ingredients from my collection. So I was really excited to try a fewer items by IQ Natural this month.  They’re a makeup and skin care line dedicated to producing “certified organic, high concentration active-naturals and holistic plant based ingredients.” I’m new to the brand I decided to start with the basics: primer, eye shadow, and mascara. 


During the winter my skin gets really dry. So I wanted something to combat that.  I absolutely love this primer because it evened out my skin without blocking up my pores. It absorbs well and sets up a great base for my foundation.  My only complaint? It kinda smells like beer. 

Eye Shadows

The eye shadows I used are all mineral based.  I decided to go with a brown palate so I can wear it every day.  The colors are really rich so this picture doesn’t do them any justice.  They blend really easily too. The shades offer an every day look that I can play up if I want something a little more dramatic. Next time I'll try using a wet slanted brush to create a more intense night time look.


The lengthening mascara has an applicator brush that I really like since it grabs close to the root of my lashes.  It's not clumpy and I did notice that it added volume and length to my lashes.  

So what's my final word on IQ Natural? I like it and I'll definitely be exploring this brand some more later on. Do you have a favorite natural makeup brand that you love?  Let me know in the comments so I can try it out too!