A Womanist Understanding of Yoga

Depending on where you train, the spiritual aspects of yoga aren't addressed with the depth it deserves. So we compartmentalize "yoga". It becomes this physical thing we do to help "calm" the mind. "Cessation of thought" is the best we can aspire to (and that's if you're curious enough/spiritually hungry enough to work past the physical benefits a consistent practice provides). 

Yoga helps us cope with the turbulence of every day existence. It's cool. It's hipster ready. It's what the go green, artsy fartsy, smelly, vegan folk are into. For the bold and "liberated" practitioners, it's "sexy." For the capitalist, it is sex. 

Then you wrestle your post-Christian (yet still firmly rooted in the belief of the unseen, creator, higher power) mind and heart to accept that it is prayer. 

Yoga is a form of prayer. To perform yoga is to make time to create a sacred space within and to honor the creator with the sacrifice of praise in the form of mindful movement. Breath is the silent song, giving glory. Yoga becomes a practice of saying to God "Thank you for choosing me to exist at this particular moment in time."