On Food Shaming

It takes a lot of discipline and work for you to be vegan in America.  You’ve come so far from where you started. After all, you were raised on chitlins and Big Macs. You are proud of the work and studies you’ve put in to educate yourself on how to “Eat to Live.” You are thriving. But then you notice the meat eaters and dairy lickers enjoying their toxic lives. They live saturated in ignorance about the harm they’re doing to their bodies with every slice of bacon they inhale. They blatantly ignore your sound advice to “Put The Bacon Down!” You become livid. How dare they eat flesh, and dairy, and sugar? How dare they turn a blind eye to the fact that they are literally eating themselves to death?

You care about society’s well being. You care so much that you decide to fight back. Your social media posts are verbal and pictorial attacks against the lies spread about food. So you post pictures revealing slabs of meat turning green and brown on Instagram and Facebook with the title “This is the putrid flesh y’all eat everyday. It’s nasty! They dye it pink so you don’t notice that it’s rotting. If you don’t know, you gon’ learn today.”

Unfortunately, what you end up doing is alienating the very people who need to hear and adopt your messages the most.  You end up shaming people about their unhealthy eating habits. And in a society that does a poor job of teaching people healthy coping skills, they eat comfort foods to mask their shame.  What do their comfort foods look like? Well it damn sure ain’t kale and quinoa.

Often times, people who are made to feel ashamed internalize shame, flip that shame, and remix it. So it ends up looking like stubbornness. Eyes wide shut, they will never see your truth for the value that it contains. Why? They felt attacked. Instead of being a light in a dark room, you brought a blaze. You burned any desire for them to see a new way, a healthier way. Don’t be that vegan. 

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