Five Morning Rituals for Your Inner Goal Digger

There’s something about the fall that kicks my inner goal digger into overdrive.  The year’s winding down so we look back and assess what we’ve accomplished.  If you haven’t reached any of your goals its not too late. Now’s the perfect time to fine tune your habits so you’re more productive.  Here are five key rituals you should focus on to help you achieve your goals much faster.  

Get high quality sleepBefore we get started on upgrading your morning routine we need to talk about your sleep.  You need to sleep well. When you don’t get high quality sleep, toxic proteins (produced when your brain’s awake) remain in your brain cells.  They don’t get cleaned up like they would in deep sleep. Ultimately, these toxic proteins mess with your ability to think straight.  And no, that black cup of coffee can’t fix it. Essentially, poor sleep lowers your ability to process information, solve problems, and be creative.  Getting high quality sleep on a regular basis is the foundation to a productive day, week, month, and year. 

Don’t hit that snooze buttonStudies show that hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep for an extra couple minutes makes you more tired than if you’d gotten right up. Nothing good comes from the snooze.  Just say no to the urge to swaddle yourself into your blankets for that extra 15 minutes and get up straight away. Move your alarm clock far away from your bed.   

Review your goals and action itemsMake sure that your action items for the day are consistent with your short term goals. What exactly are “action items”?  Action items are essentially short term goals broken down into the smallest, most manageable steps you can do within one day. Real goal diggers know that achieving a goal is all about understanding the small day to day steps needed to get closer to whatever you want to accomplish. Be realistic about how many action items you can get done in one day. Keep your day focused on completing these action items by reviewing them as soon as you wake up. 

Eat real food for breakfastYes, we all know by now that starting your day off with breakfast is critical to functioning at your highest potential.  What we also need to keep in mind is what we’re eating for breakfast.  Most of what we consider “breakfast food” is actually sugar.  Instead of yogurt saturated in processed sugar or that bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on white bread try something different.  Experiment with fruit and vegetable smoothies with added superfoods that you actually enjoy.  Throw in frozen bananas or an avocado and chia seeds to keep you full longer.  

Do yoga.Yoga is meditation and exercise combined. So establishing a morning yoga routine is a great way to cultivate both the physical and mental strength needed to achieve your goals. Cause let’s be honest, being a goal digger can be stressful.  There’s so much to get done in small amounts of time.  Eventually, the work can take its toll. Establishing a morning yoga practice can help keep you grounded.  It encourages physical activity to keep your body healthy. It also gives you the emotional and mental space to practice enjoying life.

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