3 Tips For Healthy Hair During Winter

1. MOISTURIZE. This one’s a no brainer but I’m still going to mention it. Make sure that your shampoo and conditioner have moisturizing ingredients.  Also, make sure you're getting enough water.  It's easy to become dehydrated in the winter.  If your body isn't getting enough water it'll definitely affect your hair as well. 

2. WINTER WASH. Try to limit the number of times you later up your curls per wash session.  If you’re used to shampooing more than once try starting with a two to one mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar rinse instead.  Concentrate on massaging your scalp.  This is where dirt and product buildup can do the most damage by blocking your hair follicles and slowing hair growth.  Just make sure to use the pads of your fingers instead of your nails so that your scalp doesn’t become irritated.

3. DEEP CONDITION. Every naturalista knows that regular deep conditioning is important for natural hair maintenance. Actually getting around to doing it is a whole different story. Once a week is a must for some while bi monthly works for other. Whatever works for your hair type just make sure to stick to a consistent routine! You'll notice a big difference. 

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