by Jay English

First you are seeking love. You attach to someone.

Next step, you realize that attaching to this person does not result in what you actually wanted.   You wanted love.  What you got is a unstable connection--some love--but also anger, shame, blame, lust, guilt etc.

Then you seek an alternative (usually a new person). This could go on and on; you seek another person, trying to find a stable connection...for decades or a whole life (or multiple).

Next step, you get fed up with seeking love externally.  So you seek love internally, from within yourself.  You are still searching for that stable connection

Within yourself you find some self-love but also other things: shame, regret, guilt about your body or experiences.  Concerns about others and the world (and what they think) make it hard to focus on you.  Your mind is external.

Gradually, you keep going and self-love grows. You begin to shine brighter and now self-love is the louder voice within you.  You are no longer seeking love from someone else.  You have all the love you need.....(Love is internal).

You keep swimming down the river of love, until you arrive at its ocean, the source of love.  At that point you realize that Love was all around you the whole time.  Love is part of the fabric of life itself.   You were not searching for a human, you were searching for source, to reconnect with life...to allow love to flow through you, for you to merge with it.  You have returned to the cosmic womb. Now Love is like an instinct.  It flows naturally....the connection is clear...you are not seeking, you are giving love and whatever you receive...(whether it be pleasant or unpleasant) is embraced within the umbrella of love.  There may be clouds, it may be rainy, it may be sunny, but the sky of Love never falls...(Love is Omnipresent).

Next step, share this with humanity....so that there can be a collective shift in consciousness and lifestyle.