Black Girl Yoga

Last December I had the pleasure of being published by UC Berkely's electronic journal Race and Yoga.  If you're interested in reading my article which discusses my journey to becoming a yoga teacher and other thought provoking articles visit Race & Yoga. 

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Black Girl Yoga

Tracey Coretta and Yoga

I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a small country consisting of two islands situated in the Lower Antilles of the West Indies. I moved to New Jersey when I was eleven years old. Now a thirty-year-old Afro-Caribbean American woman, I am a self-identified womanist yogini. Womanism is a social change perspective rooted in the lived experiences of everyday people (Maparyan 2006). How did an Afro-Caribbean American woman with my background come to practice and teach yoga? I was raised by women who placed a strong emphasis on their spiritual walk. Yoga allowed me the opportunity to integrate their spiritual teachings into a practice that made sense for me.  No one in my family had ever practiced or talked about yoga. My mother was fiercely Christian. So was my grandmother. 

You can read the rest of my article here Race and