Be Bold Loves

I almost let go of all my dreams yesterday. I felt confused, overwhelmed, and stuck. I kept brooding on all my past mistakes and doubted my vision for my life. Fortunately, I'm back to my whimsical, head in the clouds, create the spaces that I need for an abundant life self. 

Sometimes we have moments of self doubt and that's okay. Doubt and obstacles test how committed we are to our life work. Doubt reminds us to fine tune our focus and incorporate PRAGMATIC ACTION PLANS into our goal setting routines. Doubt forces us to reach deep down into our creative spirits and imagine new possibilities. 

So it's okay to feel stuck but don't let that feeling bully you into settling for a mediocre life. I meditated on my vision to give myself the momentum I needed to get un-stuck  💓

So be bold loves. Ignore the naysayers. Stay committed to the work that God has placed in your heart. Out dream yourself 🌒  #KeepGoing #Persevere