3 Simple Steps to Your Pretty Skin Routine

You don't need an expensive or complicated skin care routine to get pretty skin.  Creating an effective and reliable routine can be quick and inexpensive. For daily skin care, you can limit your routine to three simple steps: cleaning your skin, protecting it, and paying attention to specific skin problems you may have, like dry skin, acne, or hyper pigmentation. You can pick up products for all three steps for very little cost at your local drugstore or make your own boutique spa line catering to your skin’s needs.

Step 1

Clean your skin. Choose your skin cleanser based on whether your skin is dry or oily. If you have dry skin, choose a mild cleaning agent (I like Cetaphil or Aveeno) and avoid products like toners, which contain alcohol. For oily skin, choose a soap that removes the oil and clean your skin more frequently throughout the day.

Step 2

Protect your skin. Limit your exposure to second hand smoke, alcohol, and overly processed foods.  Also, add warm ginger lemon tea to your daily meal plan to keep your skin properly hydrated.

Step 3

Treat your skin's specific needs. For dry skin, there are plenty of effective and inexpensive moisturizers. You can make your own boutique style moisturizer by mixing a combination of various plant based oils. There are also plenty of natural ingredients that can fade brown spots or combat acne like tomato, or lemon and tea tree essential oil. They take longer to work than harsh fade creams but over time you’ll see the results.