The Creative Wellness Project: Marina Olokuni

Many attribute yoga’s origins to India. However, yoga can be traced back even further to Kemet (ancient Egypt) where Egyptian language and symbols provide the first known record of yogic philosophy.  Since learning this a few years ago I’ve been interested in gaining a better understanding of Kemetic Yoga.  So last year I took a Kemetic Yoga workshop offered by Marina.   Here’s what she had to say about yoga and creative wellness. 

1.    Tell us about your background and what inspired you to start writing/ or practicing yoga?

My yoga journey began studying Ashtanga at AYS with David Gariggues back in 2009. I was looking for a spiritual/ physical practice that could develop my discipline and fine tune my character. Yoga inspired me to begin a self study of my universe and its evolution. 

2.    What do your yoga events aim to do?

The yoga events that I facilitate foster a sense of knowing and understanding oneself as an individual to better understand how we can collectively impact our community and change our realities in a healthy positive way. The journey into self discovery afford each individual the awareness of breathing and movement. 

 3.    What has been your biggest challenge and how do you overcome it?

I like to consider obstacles and challenges as projects. So my current project focuses on navigating a lifestyle that guides me to better decision making about how  my time and resources can build an investment that yields more happiness and peace of mind with my family, the ones I love and my physical environment.

4.    What book would you recommend everyone should read?

I think everyone should read the Autobiography of a Yogi which allows us to tap into our strongest asset, the imagination.  It's in the realm of imagination that one can rediscovery the greatness within. 

5.    Who’s your favorite yogi and why?

Favorite yogi... That's a difficult question. I love all my teachers. They all have bridged very important aspects to my spiritual development and that has made my journey authentically mine. 

6. Do you have a creative wellness practice? Something creative that you do to encourage yourself to take better care of yourself?

My creative wellness practice is weaved into my everyday life. My motivation is self discovery. I'm learning daily that I am the Divinity that I so diligently been searching for all this time. the more I get to know myself the more rewarding the experience

 7. Anything else you'd like to add regarding the important work you do?

Every Sunday at 10 am you can find me at Balance Health Center for Mantras Mudras Meditation class located at 112 south 20th street in Philadelphia. For privates, Bookings and Inquiries contact 267-338-8465

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