Work Yuh Body
3:00 pm15:00

Work Yuh Body

  • The Sable Collective

Tracey Coretta, a yogini from Trinidad and Tobago, leads this month’s Sable Moon Collective yoga event with an energizing vinyasa yoga flow set to the sounds of soca, reggae, and dance hall.  Mindfulness teachings will also be woven into this 60-minute yoga class.  Explore fun breathing, balancing, stretching, and alignment techniques outdoors.

Tracey Coretta will guide you in an active and restorative movement practice, as well as a mini dharma talk to help you re-new your commitment to a creative and joyful inner self.  After the yoga flow stick around and lime with us as we enjoy vegan food by Wildflower Wellness Cafe.  This yoga class is suitable for all levels so beginners welcome and experienced yogis challenged.

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Golden Sutras: The Yoga of Badu
3:00 pm15:00

Golden Sutras: The Yoga of Badu

“Sometimes sutras come packaged in song.”  

Explore ancient wisdom teachings embedded in the verses of super soul songstress Erykah Badu as you flow through this 90-minute class designed to help you cultivate the energy you need to create a blissful life.

After you feed your soul, stick around and nourish your body with a wholesome vegan meal* curated by Ayesha Yolanda of Wildflower Wellness Cafe.

*ticket includes meal 


$30 health & body investment

The Sable Collective

3133 North 22nd St,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19132

Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis!